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After The End action game
Key features
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- Campaign mode
- Firing range mode
- Survival mode
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  • Hot action all across the planet: forests and wastelands, deep canyons and lava fields, abandoned research facilities and ancient temples, day and night.
  • 10 powerful weapons ranging from Shotgun to Sonic Cannon.
  • 6 secondary weapons and devices such as Spider mines or player-mounted Sentry machinegun.
  • User-controlled vehicles and lots of special abilities.
  • Player skills may be advanced through experience points earned when killing enemies.
  • Three game modes to enrich your playing experience: go through the Campaign mode to discover the source of disaster, complete the whole Firing Range training cycle, test your skills in Survival mode.
  • Player-friendly interface to change game options, store player progress data and more.
  • Blood may be turned off.
  • Detailed Top Players List for all game modes.
  • Ability to post your score to After The End Worldwide Halls of Fame - Campaign, Firing range and Survival.

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