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Warkanoid 2: WildLife arcade game

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"Warkanoid is Kraisoft's foray into the world of Arkanoid clones and it seems to be a fairly successful one. The standards (power-ups, warps, weapons) are of course present but what I found interesting was the themed levels."

Tucows Games.

Warkanoid is rated 5 of 5 cows on Tucows Games network.

"Eye-popping graphics, impressive music, three levels of difficulty, and superb gameplay will quickly make you forget you're playing an arcade-style game born from the classic Breakout genre."

ZDNet Downloads.

Warkanoid has got maximum rating of 5 stars on ZDNet Downloads Network.

Warkanoid is rated 5 of 5 stars on 5 Star Shareware, UK's premier website for shareware and freeware downloads.

"Arcade gamers listen up: You won't play a breakout clone quite like Warkanoid! This download adds a new dimension to the old "paddle-and-ball" genre. Indeed, you'll find immersive breakout-style gameplay... Warkanoid is a clone that no breakout addict could do without."

Nick Smith, Rocket Download editor.

Warkanoid is rated "Stupendous" and included in Nick's Picks on Rocket Download.

Rated 5 of 5 stars on Shareware Junkies.

"If you're looking into an arkanoid clone, then Warkanoid is something you'll have fun with."

GameDudes Review

Rated 5.0 and selected as Editor's Pick on MyFolder.Net, premium Korean IT network.

Warkanoid rated 5 stars on Paul's Picks.


"Arkanoid, due to it's addicting gameplay, is up there with Tetris as the most popular puzzle-game style. It is therefore a nice surprise when a clone comes around that has made a true effort to lift itself above the rest. Warkanoid II is one such clone... Warkanoid is a beautiful creation, and a worthy addition to any gamer's collection."

A1 Yippee Software Reviews

Both GameZone and GameZone's KidZone rated Warkanoid 10.0 of 10.0.

Warkanoid rated 5 of 5 stars on FileTransit.

Warkanoid rated 5 of 5 stars on FileHungry.

SoftList says "Wow!" about Warkanoid.

Rated "Cool" on ListSoft.


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