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Jigsaw Puzzle Lite

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  • Simple and handy puzzle-solving interface.
  • Expanding "side-boxes" let you easily store assembled puzzle parts.
  • Optional "ghost image" behind the scene and "thumbnail" image to help you identify puzzle parts.
  • Easy-to-use puzzle selector with categorized puzzle packs - organize hundreds of puzzles with ease.
  • Ability to create your own puzzles from your favorite pictures and photos - it can be made of any number of pieces and stored in a separate folder.
  • Additional puzzle packs with high-quality customizable photographic puzzles - it's easy to order and easy to install.
  • The program is FREEWARE - it doesn't expire, doesn't contain any ads and includes a lot of free puzzles.


Start playing!

Why wait when you can play it right now for FREE? Download Jigsaw Puzzle Lite by clicking this link - it's freeware, it doesn't require any registration and it comes with a number of free puzzles included.