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Alien Sky


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It's not easy to survive under the alien sky when there's always someone to burst you with his weaponry or overcome with his tactics. However you have to. Cause you and your ultramodern space-fighter are the only chance to prevent alien invasion which is almost ready to start, turning your homeworld into ruins.

  • Numerous alien ship types - they build barriers, ram you with plasma bolts, intercept power-ups, lay time-charges, work in formations...
  • 10 powerful extra-weapons ranging from Homing Missiles to Nuke.
  • Boss levels with unique and hard-to-defeat creatures.
  • Player ship easily controlled by keyboard, mouse or joystick.
  • All features
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Game Requires:
400 Mhz Processor, 64 Mb RAM, Video Card 8 Mb, DirectX 8.1 or higher

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