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Imagine yourself driving a super-high-speed space fighter with a whole arsenal of steam-rolling weaponry at your fingertips crushing down hordes of vicious enemies. Caught that feeling? Then you are ready to get some pure adrenaline with this thunderous space-shooting action game.

  • Several weapon upgrades (such as Rocket Turrets) and a number of special weapons (such as Homing Missiles).
  • Lots of enemy types differing by behavior and weaponry.
  • Unique levels with different enemy tactics and powerful boss ships.
  • Ground targets - plasma cannons, rocket turrets, asteroid plants etc.
  • All features
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Game Requires: Win95/98/ME/2000/XP, PII 400 Mhz Processor, 32 Mb RAM, Video Card 8 Mb, DirectX 8.1

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