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Atomaders 2


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We thought invaders were gone forever... Until the day your patrol fighter discovered a strange object proved to be a warp gate leading to the unknown sector of the galaxy. Now you are to fight cyborg army preparing to launch an invasion unheard-of in history. Make use of enemy weaponry, find vulnerable spots of colossal command ships, take control of enemy teleportation system - defend the human race by any available means.

  • Mind-blowing 3D graphics and beautiful soundtrack.
  • Up-to-date adaptation of classic Invaders arcade gameplay elements.
  • Lots of cyborg modifications, extra-weapons and special abilities.
  • 11 stages with unique hard-to-defeat boss ships.
  • See more features
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Game Requires:
1000 Mhz Processor, 128 Mb RAM, Video Card 32 Mb, DirectX 8.1 or higher

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